Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Don’t be too quick to dismiss a Doorknocker

I can get as frustrated as the next person when a stranger comes knocking at my door, because usually they want to transfer my service to another provider for no good reason at all, or to sell me something I don’t want or need and can hang around like flies at a summer bbq.  They come to my house at least once a month and some can be quite rude and don’t like to hear the word “no”. 

Last week however, I was pleasantly surprised with the sweet old man that knocked on my door.  He was here on behalf of the Queensland Government and the “Travel Smart” initiative.  His main focus was to get some feedback on some literature and a survey that was posted out the previous week.  I happily helped where I could (after all, if I want change or improvement, I have to give my opinion). We discussed it for about 5 minutes and he finished up by asking if I would like a free “Travel Smart” Pack.  I rarely say no to freebies, so agreed to the pack, gave him my details and he wished me a good day and thanked me for my time.

Late last week, the same kind man came knocking again, and he came with gifts - my “Travel Smart” Pack, lovely manners and a kind smile to boot.  The pack is fantastic.  I now have a backpack with all the necessary gadgets that I’ve been wanting for over a year but have been too cheap to pay for, and with it came a plastic drink bottle, a discount voucher to purchase a bicycle, a Travel Map of the Gold Coast and various pieces of information on safe and cost effective ways to get around the Gold Coast.  

Apart from some of the leaflets that I have already read and discarded, this little pack is going to be very handy for me.  I’m making more of an effort to exercise these days, and now I’m privy to the best areas to walk/cycle/play and I have the tools to take with me.  

This week, I have a free Home Sustainability Assessment that was booked through a Doorknocker I greeted yesterday.  (I will fill you in with the details after the report is received).
So as frustrating and as daunting as it can be to open your door to these Doorknockers, sometimes it can really be worth the little time you give to listen to what it is they are offering.  Of course, if after hearing the spiel and deciding it’s not something you are interested in, you can always give a polite smile and a “thank you for your time but this isn’t for me”.  You just never know what could come from it.

Check out the website for further information http://www.travelsmart.qld.gov.au/

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