Saturday, February 19, 2011

Maternity Sale at Kmart

In my last post I mentioned that a lot has been happening in my life, so let me explain.  Firstly, Jasper's father and I are back together and going strong.  We had a much needed break that seems to be what saved our relationship and are now confident that we are meant to be together.  On a more shocking and unexpected note, we are also expecting a sibling for Jasper in August!  We were very shocked at the news, but are welcoming the surprise with open arms, a blessing.

So my belly has swollen dramatically (I'm only 15 weeks along!) and I'm busting out of my clothes already, so this morning I dragged the family to Robina Town Centre so I could find something that didn't make me feel so fat.

Great idea that was!  Kmart is having a big clearance of summer range maternity wear.  Which is perfect for me because winter on the Gold Coast is still quite pleasant and summer clothing will last me a while through the pregnancy yet.

I picked up one sleeveless top, three short sleeve tops and a pair of cargo knee length shorts for just $39!!

I'll upload a pic later, I've misplaced the cord to my camera at the moment.

So to all my pregnant followers out there (and I know about 20!), get yourselves to Kmart for a bargain!