Monday, October 25, 2010

A day at the V8’s for under $30

I love the V8’s.  This may have a little bit to do with my Dad being a petrol head and me being his little tomboy when I was growing up, or maybe just because I’m a proud Aussie chick.  Either way, I love them.  This year I really, really, really wanted to take Jasper to see them but, as usual for October, finances are super tight, so the possibility of going was unlikely.  So I put it out there.  I listened to the radio to try to win tickets, I checked out the website to try for free tickets, and I let everybody know I wanted to go but couldn’t.  I sent out positive vibes to get there, and they didn’t let me down.  Sunday morning, Jasper’s dad was offered 2 free tickets to the V8’s and knowing how much I wanted to take our son he offered them to us.  So off to the V8’s we went.  For free!!! (That’s a saving of  $175!!  Jasper was free of course).

We parked at Pacific Fair and took the free shuttle bus into the circuit to make travel and parking easier which also saved us money, as parking in Surfers Paradise is rarely free these days, especially with a big event on like the Gold Coast 600.

It was a fantastic family day.  There is so much to do there and not just car racing.  There was a kids area with a playground, jumping castles, Roary the Racing Car tent (with activities and face painting) and activities like skipping ropes, balls, hoops and even little rugby circuits to play with the Titans players.  And all this included with your entry, no extra charge.

There’s also so much free stuff to get.  Stickers, inflatable tubes, stubby holders and posters.  I’m sure there was more.  This is just what we stumbled across - all little things to keep a little one occupied.

Because of the last minute ticket offer, we didn’t end up getting to the event until 1pm.  That worked for us anyway because then the boy got a little nap in beforehand.   We also ate before we went in.  We didn’t get to eat at home, but got lunch for the three of us for just $12.  From what I could see of the prices of food at the venue, I’m guessing we saved probably around $20 by eating outside.  We also took in a lunch box of snacks for Jasper to nibble on and our own water bottles that also saved us plenty, I think it was around $4 per drink.  The only food item we did buy was a Callippo icy-pole for Jasper to suck on as it was a hot day and we wanted to give him a special treat.  Highway robbery there!  $4 for one little icy-pole!!  Based on my calculations, we saved around $40 on food and drink.

I did, however, spend $10 on a stubby holder.  But that’s my thing.  If I go to an event or concert or something similar, I always purchase a commemorative stubby holder.  I have an awesome collection building up.

Our afternoon was mixed up a little.  We played in the kids section for a bit, then watched some of the race, then chilled on the hill and had something to eat, then the kids section again, then more of the race.  We were there for 3 hours (felt like a full day though) and decided to leave 15 minutes before the race ended to avoid the heavy traffic. 

For a day that would normally cost a family of three around $200-250, we did it for just $26, and we all had a great time.

So next time there is something you really want to do, or really want to see, or really want to have but can’t afford, put it out there.  Think positively about it.  Let everybody know how much you want it.  Because if you want to go (lets just say for examples sake) to the Powderfinger concert but it’s sold out, if you let everyone know, then if someone gets a spare ticket, they will think of you, because you made it clear how much you want to be there.

But don’t hound, nag, or annoy people, just let it be known.

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